Veterans ... The Hope You've Been Looking For!


As a veteran you know the pain of living with the horrors of war.  You suffer from unbearable anguish that you have been willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and yet you have to wait months for an appointment to explain to some bureaucrat why you need help.


You feel that you are in a constant state of stress and overwhelm.  You may feel that you are weak by expressing such pain or asking for help.  You may think that drugs and alcohol are the only way to find the relief that you so desperately seek. You may have lost all hope that it can ever get better for you. You may be feeling out of place no matter what place you are in.  You know that there are other feelings rather than anger and rage, but you cannot access them. You may be addicted to and seek out extreme danger just to feel alive again.


Where It Really Hurts


Because of the stress and pain of being in battle, you suffer on a soul level. Your risk of suffering PTSD is higher than it's ever been in history. You know that your pain affects everyone around you: your spouse, kids, families, and community. Your exposure to a variety of chemicals and biological agents makes it hard for your body to heal itself.


You may have experienced frustration at every turn as you've tried to get help to get better. Your country has abandoned you in your greatest time of need.